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How to care our clothes

Almost all clothes of our brand are made from natural fabrics: linen, cotton, silk, etc. So that the clothes could be worn longer, we strongly recommend that you follow certain rules. So, machine wash is allowed for all categories of things except outerwear. We wash in the machine at a temperature NOT MORE THAN 30 degrees and use the spin cycle for a maximum of 800 revolutions.


For washing, it is better to choose mild detergents: gels, powders that are easily washed out without leaving marks on fabrics. Never use chlorine-based stain removers and bleaches on all types of materials. If you need to remove a stain from an outfit, soak it with laundry soap, and then wash it in the usual way. We do not recommend drying our branded items in a tumble dryer as the temperatures are high and can cause your garments to shrink.


You can iron products at the maximum temperature, with the exception of the wedding line of dresses made of linen georgette and chiffon, as well as products made of silk. Elements with embroidery should be ironed from the wrong side on the normal mode of your iron. Well, if you have a steamer, then there will definitely be no problems with caring for things! Follow these simple guidelines and enjoy your favorite outfits for years to come! With love, Yours, Velik Den.